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Problem Title: The Animal Population Problem

  Year: 1985      
  Student Level: Undergraduate      
  Source: MCM      
  Commentary: No      
  Student Papers: Yes (1)      

Choose a fish or mammal for which appropriate data are available to model it accurately. Model the animal's natural interactions with its environment by expressing population levels of different groups in terms of the significant parameters of the environment. Then adjust the model to account for harvesting in a form consistent with the actual method by which the animal is harvested. Include any outside constraints imposed by food or space limitations that are supported by the data. Consider the value of the various quantities involved, the number harvested, and the population size itself, in order to devise a numerical quantity that represents the overall value of the harvest. Find a harvesting policy in terms of population size and time that optimizes the value of the harvest over a long period of time. Check that the policy optimizes this value over a realistic range of environmental conditions.

  Student Papers      

Peruvian Anchovy Population Dynamics

Washington University, WA