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Problem Title: The Stunt Person

  Year: 2003      
  Student Level: Undergraduate      
  Source: MCM      
  Commentary: Yes (1)      
  Student Papers: Yes (6)      

An exciting action scene in a movie is going to be filmed, and you are the stunt coordinator! A stunt person on a motorcycle will jump over an elephant and land in a pile of cardboard boxes to cushion their fall. You need to protect the stunt person, and also use relatively few cardboard boxes (lower cost, not seen by camera, etc.).

Your job is to:

  • determine what size boxes to use
  • determine how many boxes to use
  • determine how the boxes will be stacked
  • determine if any modifications to the boxes would help
  • generalize to different combined weights (stunt person & motorcycle) and different jump heights
Note that, in "Tomorrow Never Dies", the James Bond character on a motorcycle jumps over a helicopter.

Judge's Commentary: The Outstanding Stunt Person Papers

William P. Fox
Dept. of Mathematics
Francis Marion University

  Student Papers      

Safe Landings

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, USA


A Time-Independent Model of Box Safety for Stunt Motorcyclists

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA


Thinking Outside the Box and Over the Elephant

Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, USA


You Too Can Be James Bond

Southeast University, Nanjing, China


Cardboard Comfortable When It Comes to Crashing

University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA


FlyWith Confidence

Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China