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Problem Title: College Coaching Legends Rule

  Year: 2014      
  Student Level: Undergraduate      
  Source: MCM      
  Commentary: Yes (3)      
  Student Papers: Yes (7)      

Sports Illustrated, a magazine for sports enthusiasts, is looking for the "best all time college coach" male or female for the previous century. Build a mathematical model to choose the best college coach or coaches (past or present) from among either male or female coaches in such sports as college hockey or field hockey, football, baseball or softball, basketball, or soccer. Does it make a difference which time line horizon that you use in your analysis, i.e., does coaching in 1913 differ from coaching in 2013? Clearly articulate your metrics for assessment. Discuss how your model can be applied in general across both genders and all possible sports. Present your model’s top 5 coaches in each of 3 different sports.

In addition to the MCM format and requirements, prepare a 1-2 page article for Sports Illustrated that explains your results and includes a non-technical explanation of your mathematical model that sports fans will understand.


Judges' Commentary: The Coach Papers

Robert Burks
Defense Analysis Dept.
Naval Postgraduate School


Judge's Commentary: The Frank Giordano Award for 2014

Marie Vanisko
Dept. of Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science
Carroll College


Author's Commentary: The Coach Papers

William P. Fox
Dept. of Defense Analysis
Naval Postgraduate School

  Student Papers      

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